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Comparing reporting tools

I am a reporting developer and I would like to convince my clients to go for a business intelligence reporting tool -- either Actuate, Cognos or Business Objects. How do I convince them? Which reporting tool is better off in the market now?

As a reporting developer, I would say it is not your role to convince your clients to do this. However, it is very much your role to advise and inform your clients of the possible modern business intelligence reporting tools that are available to them. To the degree that those reporting tools play into their gaping business needs, they will meet you half-way. If you're climbing uphill trying to get a conversation on the matter, the timing may not be right.

As for market presence of the business intelligence reporting tools you mention, Business Objects is the market leader and Cognos is doing quite well. Browse The Olap Report for more information.

Don't sacrifice proper vetting of the tool choice for expediency. Identify the scope of what the reporting tool needs to accomplish. If the scope is large, like enterprise level, many clients now are going the full on-site installation and prototyping direction before making a decision.


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