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Comparing Microsoft CRM and GoldMine CRM software

Expert Richard Smith offers a comparison of Goldmine's CRM software vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

How do you rate GoldMine against Microsoft CRM? Is it true that Microsoft uses Goldmine in its smaller offerings, or was this just talk from a GoldMine salesman?
The ultimate question is not whether or not GoldMine is better or worse than Microsoft, but which is the best fit for your organization. We have found that smaller organizations with fewer than ten sales users have had very good experience with CRM software products like GoldMine, ACT! and even Microsoft's own Business Contact Manager, which is integrated with Outlook. The challenge is in growing those products to support a larger number of users.

If your organization needs to share contacts and opportunities, manage consolidated marketing lists and campaigns,...

and review consolidated pipelines across representatives, then Dynamics CRM software will provide a more extensive platform for your business. Based on SQL Server and .NET, Dynamics CRM can grow with your business to support five to 500 (and more) users. This is not going to be true for GoldMine or the other CRM products.

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