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Comparing CRM software prices in Europe and U.S.

How do relative prices for CRM software compare in Europe to the U.S.? Would the same software sell at a premium or a discount? By what percentage?
First point to mention is that of course the sofware element of the project is dwarfed, often, by the services element. So if you are attempting to cross compare across regions, you'll have to do the same with services. And of course the services costs varies more widely.

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When US vendors came to Europe they had an expectation that this was a 'high margin' zone, and attempted to price with a marked differential - trying to achieve premiums of 25% - 45% over US rates. A lot of that has now ended and on a list-for-list basis you should see US / European pricing stabilizing. However the challenge is to find out what 'list' is. Few firms publish and most need to understand the full needs - i.e each module - before quoting in any depth. Unless your needs are very simple, I doubt if you can acquire a comparable $ / local currency quotation, and remember that everything is negotiable!

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