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Comparing CRM package prices and features

Is there a report summarizing CRM package price and feature comparisons?
Accurate information comparing price and features of the various CRM offerings is hard to come by, in the sort of directory I imagine you are expecting. Part of the difficulty arises because there are no standard definitions of what features are, and pricing models are getting very complex - this complexity is largely due to the options on how the service is provided. For example, the technical architecture, and whether the application is sold or provided as an ASP service, are two issues that affect the price. Further, the bigger players have a vested interest in not being too open about pricing models.

The best option is to work out precisely what your needs are, and then go to market to see how the vendors can meet those needs. Remember of course that in a typical CRM project, software fees represent just about 33% of the cost - services and integration / data migration costs make up the rest.

If you still want a price comparison report try Forrester or Aberdeen - but remember that you'll be paying for a lot of information you don't need, and will still have to approach individual vendors to get any sense of your organisations likely costs.

For more information, check out searchCRM's Best Web Links on CRM Vendors.

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