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Company-wide customer experience mapping

In this expert tip, Lior Arussy explains how a customer experience manager should go about customer experience mapping to determine customer satisfaction across all touch points in an organization.

I am a customer experience manager -- what is the best way to map the customer experience across all touch points?
Mapping the customer experience across all touch points requires rigorous discipline, and many companies tend to cut corners and therefore fail to do it properly. What a customer experience manager needs to do is map the journey of the customer from the first initiation of a contact (e.g. advertising and website) to the last invoice they receive. Then, assess the importance of each touch point in the eyes of the customer as well as the company's performance at each touch point. Such an assessment can be done through interviews, focus groups and Web surveys. Either way, it has to look at the holistic customer experience journey. What can help in this process is to collect all complaints and issues raised at each touch point. These will give an indication of which quality issues need to be prioritized.

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