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Comments on PeopleSoft's decision to accept Oracle's offer

How do you think PeopleSoft's decision to accept Oracle's takeover offer will change the dynamics of the CRM market?
I lament the passing of PeopleSoft, regardless of the increased offer to stockholders.. While it may be a good deal for shareholders, I'm concerned about the integration of the two very different cultures that PeopleSoft and Oracle represent. Each company has great strengths with their products and certainly, if Larry Ellison can be trusted, with a development focused environment, PeopleSoft products could get better though they had a great development team. Regardless of spin, I'm sorry it happened. The competitive landscape in CRM will be changed with only three companies left - and each with a distinct direction. Siebel - who is moving to a strategic view of CRM, coupled with a recognition of the enterprise value chain that the customer ecosystem demands through the release of their very good pure play analytics; SAP who, through Shai Agassi, is moving toward a more platform-centric strategy with NetWeaver at the core of its brand and its offerings; and the new OracleSoft which I would guess will move toward a very process-centric approach since both companies have been headed in that direction anyway. See ya, PeopleSoft.

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