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Choosing call center technology for a better customer experience

Expert Lior Arussy offers advice on choosing call center technology to create a better customer experience.

I manage a small call center. I have to give a presentation for senior management about the importance of call center technology, the ROI of technology and how it positively impacts customer relations and the customer experience. Can you help with some of the key points on this?
Your approach to the presentation should be reversed. The presentation must focus on the power of customer experience to increase customer satisfaction, repeat business and recommendations. You need to build a measure of costs for upset customers and the potential negative impact associated with that. Present the top complaints you receive and your top challenges to address them and then link those challenges to the call center technology that you need.

One further suggestion: when discussing the ROI of call center technology, demonstrate customer experience-based ROI, such as the impact on revenues of customers' turnover. Do not focus on cost reduction. Focusing on cost reductions will only position your call center as a costs center and not as a customer experience creation center.

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