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Choosing an eCRM application

I realize that eCRM applications on the market can encompass a myriad of features that may or may not be useful for the end user. I am trying to find a dynamic eCRM company that understands the unique demands of customers. This company(s)is ammenable to creating a dynamic application that would otherwise not be available as a pre-packaged solution. It seems like most eCRM companies have generic packages that they claim can be applied to many industries. These generic apps just won't do for my particular industry. I am looking for a very sophisticated target email app. offering in-depth reporting, a personalized customer home page and a nice looking interface. Do you have any recommendations? I value your opinion and I am very much looking forward to your response.
Without knowing more about your specific requirements, it's difficult to provide a confident answer. Many people enter a vendor search feeling that their requirements are very unique. Upon closer examination, you might find that your systems requirements are somewhat common, and that it's your business process that is unique or complex. Consequently, I would focus as heavily on your process needs as your systems needs. Anyway, start by looking at the websites shown below. Ask these and other vendors how their software can be customized to fit both your systems requirements and your business processes. Hope this helps.


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