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Choosing CRM software for marketing campaign management

In this expert tip, Paul Greenberg evaluates Siebel and SAP for marketing campaign management.

I am evaluating CRM software applications for a large project that involves replacing many systems for a large volume global supply chain. I am looking at SAP ECC5 or 6, mySAP CRM, PeopleSoft and Siebel. In terms of campaign management, which choice has the edge? So far, I like the business reporting function in SAP. What are your thoughts?
If you're talking about marketing campaign management, from the standpoint of pure rich functionality and useful complexity, Siebel is probably the best of the lot. However, if you're talking about integrating into a back office/supply chain system that is as large a volume as you imply, then your better bet is SAP. Their reporting functions have always been outstanding and while they don't always have the depth of functionality nor the user interface that other products do, they are the best at integrating with larger back-office systems.

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