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Change management aspects of a CRM upgrade

According to research by Forrester, a change management officer can help manage a CRM upgrade. Learn more in this tip.

Do you think it's necessary to appoint an internal "change management officer" or something along those lines when doing a CRM upgrade?
Forrester Research recently completed a study of the best ways to get value out of CRM initiatives. 38 of the 58 business leaders we interviewed identified promoting wide user adoption as critical to getting value from CRM. Nearly the same number, 34, mentioned the importance of defining and aligning business processes. 23 mentioned executive sponsorship, and 21 pointed to the need for strong data management practices. Defining the right metrics for CRM was mentioned by 13 of the executives interviewed. This data highlights clearly the importance of appointing someone to be responsible for the "change mangement" aspects of a CRM upgrade.

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