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Centralizing customer service to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs

Donna Fluss explains how centralizing customer service can increase service quality and customer satisfaction, improve effectiveness and reduce costs in this call center tip.

Our company would like to centralize customer service functions. Typically, what department within an organization has responsibility for a call center?
Centralizing your customer services functions into one department will likely increase service quality, enhance member satisfaction, improve effectiveness and reduce costs, as long as you also modify your procedures accordingly.

The department to which the call center reports depends upon the organization. In companies that are very customer-centric,...

the call center will report directly to the President or EVP of Operations. If marketing drives many of the customer-related decisions, the call center may report to this department, although this arrangement often causes problems. (See an article on the DMG Consulting Web site: Don't Let Marketing Own the Contact Center).

In many organizations, the call center reports to the P&L (profit and loss) manager, who also has responsibility for sales and marketing. There are pros and cons to each of these options. I invite you to give me a call and I can run through some of the issues with you. I am based in New Jersey and can be reached at 973-325-2954.

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