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Can workforce optimization impact the customer journey?

Workforce optimization software can make contact center agents more efficient and help them provide timely service to customers.

Workforce optimization software is comprised of a group of components including workforce management, quality recording, speech analytics, e-learning, knowledge management, performance management and other tools that support contact center performance.

To retain customers, companies need to focus on the best use of contact center agents to make service interactions efficient and enhance the customer experience. By using workforce optimization software, contact centers hope to become more efficient in their workflows and gain greater insight into customer preferences and concerns as well as agent performance.

Each component of workforce optimization software aims to enhance the customer journey. Examples include the following:

  • Workforce management tools ensure that a contact center is accurately staffed to meet demand, helping to support the attainment of critical service levels.
  • Speech analytics software allows organizations to document and evaluate the voice of the customer by analyzing calls and diagnosing problem areas through the study of specific words, phrases and tones, and voice inflections.
  • E-learning assists agent training by pushing training modules directly to an agent's desktop to ensure that agents have the most up-to-date training available to them.
  • Knowledge management provides an easy-to-access single repository of information that agents can utilize to respond to customer inquiries.
  • Performance management provides dashboards and insight into critical metrics to determine how individuals and teams are tracking  goals and to identify areas for potential improvement.

By investing in workforce optimization software, companies aim to enhance the customer journey by becoming more efficient in staffing and analytics. As a result of better insight, companies can reduce waste and get customers the help they need faster through continuous improvement efforts.

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What is the ROI on your company’s workforce optimization?
I've been doing a fair bit of reading on this lately. Remember way back when, you never waited in line unless it was a government service? You never used to be on hold for more than a few seconds?

All that great service had a cost. So tools crept in to externalize those costs, to push them back on customers. In my experience, most of the time, workforce optimization tools don't make costs go away - they externalize them, pushing the costs on us, forcing us on hold or to go through a bizarre series of button pushing to talk to a human, if at all.

All the speech analytics and workforce management-y tools in the article might very well provide a net-negative experience on the customer journey ...

... just something to think about.
You bring up some great points.  These types of tools cannot be implemented just to "check the box".  Organizations must understand that these are strategic investments and the benefits may accrue elsewhere in the organization...too often the goal is to reduce the incorrect metrics.