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Can interactive voice response systems recognize abandoned calls?

Learn how to use your interactive voice response system to get metrics on abandoned calls in this expert tip.

Is there an interactive voice response (IVR) system available that recognizes calls that disconnect after the customer chooses to talk to a call center agent and tags them in the system?
Some interactive voice response (IVR) systems provide metrics for the number of calls that abandon in the IVR, and the time at which they abandoned. You may have to put "tags" into your application to capture abandoned calls at certain points in the application. Your IVR vendor should be able to help you with these reports or explain where to find them in your reporting package.

Alternatively, if your question is more about tracking callers that choose to talk to a call center agent out of the IVR but hang up before reaching an agent, that type of tracking gets a bit tricky. It depends on whether the IVR is still in control of the call or whether the call has gone to an automatic call distributor (ACD) queue. If the call is out of the IVR and into a queue, you will rely on your ACD reporting software for any such tracking.

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