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Can client monitoring help build customer equity?

Experts Don Peppers and Martha Rogers answer a question about client monitoring and explain its objectives in different senarios.

What is client monitoring and what are its objectives? Where does this fit into building customer equity?
I don't really know what "client monitoring" is, from your question. If you're talking about account management, then it is a straightforward process that involves being sure someone in your organization has bottom-line responsibility for making decisions with respect to the types of offers and tactics that are used in dealing with their account, or their client. The objective in this case is to be certain that decisions are made in such a way as to try to maximize the value created by the client in any given scenario.

However, if you're talking about the kind of customer monitoring that involves a customer database – typically deployed more in consumer marketing situations rather than in business-to-business situations – then the objectives of client monitoring are more about gathering data and information about particular customers that allows the firm to make the right decisions. It may or may not involve assigning line responsibility to a "customer manager" function, but it will certainly involve data and analytics.

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