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Can I use multiple channels as effective marketing strategies to build trust?

While multichannel marketing can be effective, offering customers the choice is always preferable. Learn more about marketing stategies including effective text message marketing in this tip.

Is multichannel marketing an effective strategy to build trust with customers? Do customers really want to hear from us via different channels, or should we segment customers by their preferred method of contact (email, phone, text message, etc.)? In some respects, it seems that multichannel marketing might make customers feel overwhelmed quickly.
Many customers are already "multichannel," but certainly not all. The fact that marketers consider multiple channels so challenging is simply an indication of our own poor ability to coordinate and manage our own activities. Ideally, we should interact with customers in the channels that they prefer individually, via text message for example. Offering customers the choice is always preferable. Don't let "multichannel" marketing morph into "multisolicitation" marketing.
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