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Call monitoring of sales calls to meet industry needs and regulations

Monitoring of sales calls often varies by industry, as Liz Roche points out in this expert tip. Learn how call monitoring can meet industry needs and regulations.

What is the industry standard when it comes to the live monitoring of sales calls? What about live monitoring of verifications of sales calls?
Well here I have two questions. What industry? And by "live monitoring of verifications," what exactly do you mean? If you can submit more information in another question to my salesforce automation Ask the Expert section, I'll provide a more specific answer. In the meantime, let me just give some generalities.

Call monitoring of sales calls varies widely among industries. In telesales, especially in the financial services industry, you might notice a recording at the beginning of a sales call saying something like, "This call may be monitoring for quality purposes." Recordings are used not just for management purposes, but also for agent training. In healthcare, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy requirements make this more difficult. In face-to-face situations, a manager often accompanies a sales rep on a sales call to evaluate performance.

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