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Call centers in health care industry

I run a Physician Referral (health care marketing) call center. I am seeking some benchmark #s for call centers...

in our industry, ie: abandonment rate, call volume/agent, wait times, etc...any suggestions? The best source for benchmarking data that I know of is Purdue University?s Center for Customer Driven Quality. Their resident expert, Dr. John Anton, is widely known as a call center and contact center expert, particularly in the area of industry performance metrics. I suggest contacting them to see if they have information within your vertical market. Their website is http://www.cfs.purdue.edu/conscirt/quality.html Depending on how serious your problem is, you may want to consider hiring a consultant that specializes in your vertical market. A good referral source is STC: http://www.stcconsultants.org/index.html

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