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Call center transition from inbound to inbound-outbound

Lori Bocklund explains to a reader what factors to consider when turning a small inbound call center into a dual inbound-outbound call center.

What are some basic requirements/issues for turning a small inbound call center of four to six agents into a dual inbound-outbound call center?

People, process, and technology are a good way to look at these kinds of transitional questions. Depending on what the call center's outbound role will be, you'll need to determine if the staff you've already got in place can readily transition to making outbound calls as well. You will likely need call center agent training and incentives. On the process side, you'll have to define all the outbound processes, but also define when people will handle inbound and when they will make outbound calls. Who will decide? What are the driving metrics? You'll have to answer those sorts of questions and clearly define and communicate the processes. Finally, you'll need to look at your call center's business requirements and your technology and determine if you need additional capabilities. Will call center agents be manually dialing, or do you need some level of dialing automation, like an automatic call distributor? How will you track the outbound calls and campaigns?

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