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Call center management package and workflow information

What do you think are the essential features of a call center mgmt. package and where can we get complete call center workflow information?
That's a big question in so short a sentence! Let's start with the easier of the two. My suggestion for finding call center workflow information is to contact a reputable vendor of these products. Three that I recommend are Aspect www.aspect.com, IEX www.iex.com, and Blue Pumpkin www.blue-pumpkin.com

Now, on to your far more difficult question about the essential features of a call center management package. Unfortunately, that question is nearly impossible to answer because once you get beyond the most basic function of a call center (routing and queuing calls), essential features are completely dependent on the organization and the customer base the call center serves. What is essential for company A is often superfluous to company B. Meanwhile company C falls somewhere in the middle.

To attempt to discuss the wide range of what may be essential to the even wider range of needs in the marketplace would require a response that would make War and Peace look like a short story. If you'd like to discuss your company and your specific needs, please contact me directly at bdowney@cintechsolutions.com and I'd be happy to provide more specific information for your situation.

For more information, check out searchCRM's Call Center/Customer Interaction Center Best Web Links.

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