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Call center analytics on a tight budget

Looking for a simple call center analytics solution to target prospects on a tight budget? Lori Bocklund provides some analytics advice in this expert tip.

I need a simple analytics solution for my call center to target "best" prospects and identify customers who have the highest probability to buy. I don't have a budget that can support a software purchase and I have too many software applications as it stands. I have a budget of about $50,000. I also need analytic expertise to support the results of analytics. Can you help to advise me on any companies or solutions that could help me to address my need?
Without knowing more about your company, the software you have, and the business requirements, it's hard to say how to meet your goals. You may be able to develop something in house for that price. My consulting firm, Strategic Contact, has a list of resources and vendors on our Web site, so that is one place to look. Most analytics software will cost more than $50,000, though.

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