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Call center agent grouping best practices

Call center expert Lori Bocklund shares industry agent grouping best practices.

When trying to build an in-house inbound call center, what is the best way to group the agents: by access channels (call coming as a result of direct mail, as a result of web site browsing, etc), by contact types (order placing, order changing, order tracking, etc.) or in some other way? What is the best practice?
The answer to this question is a classic - "It depends!" There is no one best way to segment calls and agent groups. You need to do analysis of your situation - customers, call types, call complexity and diversity, likelihood of calls requiring multiple pieces of information or transactions, business unit structures, any geographic or licensing requirements, media volume, need for flexibility, size of groups, etc.

Look at it first from the customer's seat, and then consider corporate and call center needs. Make sure you also consider career path and job enjoyment for CSRs. Lots to consider, and no one right answer for what's best for you.


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