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CRM strategy in 2002

2001 has been a year of economic upheaval and uncertainty in all sectors of IT, and CRM was no different. SearchCRM asked its resident experts to weigh in on the changes that have taken place in their area of expertise over the past year, and to make their predictions on what will be hot in CRM and business intelligence in 2002.

SearchCRM: What are your predictions for CRM strategy in 2002?

Arie Goldshlager:

  1. CRM will continue to be the key engine that drive enterprise profitable growth.
  2. Companies will focus on CRM solutions that can help them sustain or return to profitable growth, e.g., improving the performance of customer acquisition operations, improving customer profitability, increasing customer loyalty, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of customer care operations.
  3. Companies will be religious about CRM ROI, and demand that CRM initiatives will be supported by fact-based business case and value propositions.
  4. Companies will be reluctant to initiate major CRM initiative not demonstrated by a proof-of-concept pilot.
  5. Companies will seek to reduce the CRM risk by initiating a diversified portfolio of small but strategic initiatives to address a wide range of CRM opportunities.

SearchCRM: What was supposed to be a big deal in CRM strategy this past year, but sort of fizzled out?

Arie Goldshlager: The Online Customer Management paradigm was transformed to Multi-Channel Customer Management.

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