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CRM packages for UK telemarketing

What is the best (i.e. user friendly and inexpensive) CRM package for a UK telemarketing & sales operation still using Excel? (I consider Siebel reasonably user friendly once the initial learning curve is passed).
This is a question that is frequently asked, and rarely answered immediately!

The answer is 'it all depends'. You need to think about some key issues here:

1. How many users - too few and you could pay too much for set-up relative to the user base. Too many and the 'low cost' systems are unlikely to support the user base

2. Is there a need to integrate to other systems, such as back office systems? If there is, then you need a more 'open solution'

3. Is CTI (computer telephony integration) a requirement - and if so what exchange is in use

4. Is the call centre to be integrated to a web site - if it is, a lot of the smaller vendors claim integration, but don't have it, so watch out.

5. What industry sector? - Some vendors have sector specific configurations that save a lot of set up cost

I'm sorry to be answering one question with 5 more! But with a bit more detail I can probably help more.

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