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CRM in Higher Education

How is CRM employed in Higher Education?
CRM in higher education would be planned and deployed using the same methods used by a business. However, instead of "customers", you might track students, professors, and parents, etc. These players would be associated with classes, classrooms, curriculum and degree programs. Activities might include sporting events, fundraising, student counseling, and graduation. Reporting could include student/professor ratios, student body growth, student ethnic or gender trends, class scheduling, and tuition analysis. "Sales functionality" might include tuition billing, student recruitment, and scholarship management. Again, the process is the same -- just the entities that are managed are different. It boils down to understanding the people and processes to be managed, and undertaking the analysis to understand and document the relationships between these entities throughout the lifecycle of the subject processes. Finally, be sure to prioritize and validate your requirements before moving forward with development.

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