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CRM implementation framework

Currently I am doing a research on CRM implementation for a printing company in Malaysia. I came out with a framework and I would need evaluation from expert.Please help.

1. Gain Senior Management Support
2. Appoint chief CRM architect
3. Establish a cross-discipline team
-member selected from every department
4. Collect External Data
-Identify customers
-Identify customer purchase cycle
-Identify competitors
5. Getting CRM software
6. Reengineer business processes
-adopt changes
-test changes
7. Reevaluate employees
8. Provide training
-software training
-External training
Please comment.Thank You!!!
Your approach appears to be very reasonable. Do consider however enhancing it with one or more elements from our CRM strategy development process articulated in the following article:
Particularly you probably need to more explicitly establish the business context and objectives and the solution space for the new CRM system. In any event, good luck with the project.

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