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CRM growth rate

What I am looking for specifically is at what clip did the CRM Implementation Services business grow in the first five years of the CRM business (I am assuming that the current CRM space is approx. 8 years old with the first five years really being an infant stage of the business - pre 'web' days). Do you know of any good sources for this information?
Information about CRM growth can be obtained from a number of sources, including:
Gartner Group www.gartnergroup.com,
AMR Research www.amrresearch.com,
IDC www.idc.com, and
Meta Group www.metagroup.com.
Also, many articles can be found on the Web by searching on "CRM Growth" from your favorite search engine.

For more information on CRM growth, check out searchCRM's Intro to CRM Best Web Links.

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