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CRM functions and processes

If you were organizing a CRM group, what major functions would you say CRM is involved in? I am trying to develop a function and process decomposition chart.
My answer will be generic, your firm's specific functions and processes might be different. Generally, CRM functions could include:

Sales: lead/prospect generation, qualification, distribution, tracking, analysis, reporting, meeting planning, proposal generation & support, competitive analysis

Marketing: campaign management, literature fulfillment, marketing penetration & segmentation, event planning, analysis & reporting, database marketing, list management, product development and support, RFP support

Support: phone/web/email interactions, help desk, order entry, statements & invoices, credit & collections, web self-service, live-chat, problem resolution, customer implementation, field support

Finance: customer profitability analysis, pipeline reporting, statistical analysis, product launches

Executive: sales & marketing reporting, analysis, trends, graphs, and summary

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