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CRM functionality and profitability

How do you integrate CRM functionality and profitability functionality in a single customer view throughout an organization?
You ask about integrating CRM functionality and profitability measures within a single view. It's hard to provide a specific answer without knowing more about your exact requirements. But, you are probably aiming towards building a customer profile view that could include a snapshot of key relationship information, such as Last Interaction, Products Purchased, Contact Information (phone, fax, email, etc.), and a profitability index -- a calculated field based upon certain financial and probability parameters. The index might provide a visual clue to the service and support associates to the importance of a particular customer. However, your ability to determine a customers "profitability index" needs very serious consideration and analysis. You could easily overlook factors that could turn a seemingly marginal customer into a very important one. For example, a customer might be responsible for significant referral sales, even though they have purchased very little from your firm. So, be careful!

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