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CRM for the midmarket: Siebel CRM Professional or SAP Business One?

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of Siebel CRM Professional and SAP Business One in this expert response.

I'm evaluating CRM software for a midmarket retail company. What is the most important difference between Oracle's Siebel CRM Professional Edition and SAP Business One? Where does Siebel stand out -- is it in functionality or otherwise?
Siebel CRM Professional Edition is designed as a solution with deep "front-office" functionality and it is priced and packaged in a way that is more suitable for midmarket companies as compared to the Siebel Enterprise product. Siebel CRM software integrates well with legacy and "back-end" ERP solutions, but was not designed from the ground up to manage end-to-end business processes (i.e. front office and back office).

SAP CRM Business One is SAP's new product tailored to midmarket companies who want a "total platform" solution (front office and back office). In the past, SAP solutions have been too expensive, complex and hard to use for midmarket companies. Business One seems to address these shortcomings very well. However, I would not consider it a "best of breed" CRM solution.

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We have purchased SAP Business One and it was sold as a CRM and ERP. We are quickly finding out the limitations of the CRM side and it is painful to admit that we now also have to purchase a CRM. Are there CRM's that are not "add-ons" that work with SAP Business One? What are they? How do you accommodate for "seamless" transfer of information back and forth? Any help would be appreciated.