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CRM for real estate industry

I'm looking to implement a CRM solution for a real-estate company that primarily sells high rise condo units. Basic functions are sales & marketing with light service after the sale. Currently I'm looking at Siebel and Pivotal as my front runners. Pivotal has a real estate vertical that sits over their base product but I'm also very familar with Siebel's reputation as best of breed.

My concern with Siebel, however, is that I've heard it can be a bear to implement. However, my business needs are quite basic and I feel that 90% of my requirements can be handled through workflow. What are your thoughts on these two packages based upon an IT staff of 2 developers? Also do you know of any other CRM packages geared towards the real estate industry?
Pivotal is the only major player with a true Real Estate vertical. They've released a new version of their suite recently which I have yet to see or research so I'm not entirely sure how good the newer version is, but they are the name with the understanding in the industry.

Because I don't know how large you are, though I assume fairly small since you have two developers, I would also recommend (if you are on the smaller side) that you at least take a look at Microsoft MSCRM and the solution for real estate that their Business Solutions Partner, I.B.I.S. Inc. is developing for the real estate market. I can only speak to its functionally. It does have the sales functionality necessary for real estate sales and property management. I can't speak to it technically because I have yet to see it in action.

Siebel is great if you are a major company that is willing to invest the time and effort to install and support it, but it is a bear to install generally.

One dictum in the business world works real well in the CRM world: You get what you pay for - much of the time. The investment in CRM is long term but there are some short term benefits that you realize with it. Given that, here's how I would go, with the additional caveat that I don't really know what you need as a company so my suggestions are generic and based on size really since all three have the functionality.

Smaller company - I.B.I.S. Inc. with MSCRM
Midsized company - Pivotal
Fortune 3500 - Siebel

Don't try to fit the other 2 in the other 2 categories for scalability and functionality. Leave them fixed.

I hope that this is a start for you. Please feel free to follow up with me at either paul-greenberg3@comcast.net or 703-551-2337 (office)

Thanks and good luck.

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