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CRM for healthcare/lab

My company is looking to purchase a CRM system for our pathology laboratory. Currently we are looking at SalesLogix, which fits a lot of our needs, but would like to know if there is anything else out there that could work for us? We have ruled out Microsoft CRM. Can you name/recommend any other CRM apps that healthcare providers have found effective? Our need centers around having a "contact" centric application.

As I often say when answering these questions, it's a bit difficult to be too specific or confident not knowing more about your requirements. But, I will assume from your question that you have basic contact management needs that revolve around patients. Since you are looking at Saleslogix and Microsoft CRM, I will assume you require a mid-market CRM solution. So, given all of the above, I would encourage you to also look at Onyx, ON!Contact, Pivotal, Saratoga, and Worldtrak. Ask these vendors if they have clients like you. Explain the top 3 things you need from your solution. It's likely that you have very specific healthcare needs that may not come "out of the box". Ask these vendors to explain how they plan to satisfy these requirements and at what cost.

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