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CRM for FMCG companies

Considering that CRM is considered an integral part of the organization, what are the implications for FMCG (fast...

moving consumer goods) companies and service-oriented companies in the implementation of successful CRM structures? I firmly believe that ANY industry needs to look at their needs not as a generic 'CRM customer' but as a specific industry and business. Industry practices are often driven by customer demands and expectations within that industry, and I know FMCG and service-oriented companies are no different. There are many implications, but the most critical one is to do the up-front business analysis regarding how you want to do business with your customers (and vice versa) before you even THINK about evaluating software. It's typical for companies to want to skip this step but taking the time and effort to evaluate your needs appropriately raises the probability of success dramatically. It should be noted that my answer doesn't just apply to FMCG/service companies - it applies to everyone. But it's still (in my opinion, at least) the right answer here.

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