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CRM data migration from ACT! to new CRM software

Expert Denis Pombriant advises a reader on a CRM data migration from Sage Software's ACT CRM to Schwab's Relationship Manager software.

We currently use ACT! 2005 for Workgroups, but we recently purchased new CRM software from Schwab Performance Technologies. I'm trying to find a company that will handle a CRM data migration from ACT! to Schwab Relationship Manager, since Schwab does not offer that option. Can you offer some suggestions for how we can do this?
ACT! is owned by Sage Software, which has a great partner community. The partners all provide services such as the one you need. Go to the ACT! User Community to locate a services organization near you that can help with a CRM data migration.

Also, I am not familiar with Schwab's CRM product but you might investigate whether they have an import facility for data migration. Usually you can export from Product A (ACT! in this case) in a CSV (comma separated variables) format and import the same way. You need to make sure the import tool lets you map the CRM data fields. For example, the first field in the export file might be "First name" and you need to ensure that it gets placed in the corresponding field on the receiving side. It's not that hard -- but take my first advice and find a CRM data migration pro.

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