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CRM and direct marketing

My company is seeking a CRM package to handle direct marketing. We send out over 4 million letters per year using approx. 40 different letter styles. Our database is growing and currently is about 3 million records.

Currently we handle our database using a number of access databases and wish to migrate to SQL. Packages currently being considered are Goldmine, Clientele and Siebel. Are there any other database packages suitable for a small-medium enterprise circa 50 Million?
Have you also looked at Epiphany, Pivotal, Act, Onyx, Upshot.com, and Salesforce.com? Between my response and the firms you already mentioned, I'm sure you will find the right vendor. You goal is to match price & performance to your list of requirements and budget. Also, don't forget to account for your company's growth assumptions. Finally, your question specifically mentions letter generation and customization capabilities. If this is your primary requirement, then you should also be looking at document automation or content management vendors like Documentum.com, Broadvision.com and Xpedite.com.

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