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Building a call center: Where do I start?

Expert Lori Bocklund gives advice on building out a call center for a small business.

What are some best practices for building out an inbound/outbound call center for a small business? I am looking for resources that define a planning schedule, review technology options and cover do's and don'ts. I also want to consider newer Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.
Building out a new call center is no small task, and not easily addressed in a simple Q&A exchange. However, I can point you to a good resource. Visit Centerserve to get a toolkit on call center planning and design.

Decisions on SaaS are part of your strategy up front – a critical step that can make or break the success of the...

rest of your project. You will need to analyze whether or not SaaS is a fit for your business goals and then adjust your planning accordingly.

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