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Blueprint for a proposed call center

I need to write a blueprint for a proposed call center. Can you give me any good websites or articles I might use as a starting point? The call center in question is for an investment company. Not knowing your depth of call center experience, I'll just offer several suggestions. I would start by looking though presentations from past call center industry conferences. Most conferences publish their presentations on their websites once the conference is over. You may also want to attend a conference and talk with some of the presenters, especially the customers that present case studies on their own centers. This website has an excellent resource on Upcoming Events in the section. I would also check out Purdue University's Center for Customer Driven Quality. Their website is , where you will find contact information there. A referral source for a consultant specializing in small to mid-size contact center solutions is the Society of Telecommunications Consultants at . Hopefully these will give some places to start.

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