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Best source for call center metrics

Where is the best call center metrics information to be found? Read advice from Lori Bocklund here.

What is the best public source for call center metric information and how should this information be used when creating a new or improving an existing call center?
I'm not sure we can definitively declare a single "best" source for information on call center metrics, but here are some ideas.
* If you want a toolkit on call center measurements, check out Prosci.
* ICMI has articles, publications, web seminars, and courses on call center metrics -- visit www.incoming.com.
* Benchmarking data is available at Purdue's benchmark portal.
* If you want help developing a metrics strategy, Vanguard Communications can help. There is also an article there about how we see metrics changing in the contact center. The Vanguard website site also lists other resources that you may want to check out, including publications, online resources, conferences, and more.

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