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Benchmarking information for customer contact centers

Where can I locate benchmarking information relative to contact/customer care centers? I'm in the early planning...

stages of building a customer interaction center and am interested in ballpark figures to determine the size and/or cost of an interaction center/call center as a percent of revenue or sales. The best source for benchmarking information that I'm aware of is Purdue University's Center for Customer Driven Quality. The center conducts annual call center benchmarking studies that are available (at a cost, I believe) to companies. Their website is http://www.cfs.purdue.edu/conscirt/quality.html, you will find contact information there. Dr. Jon Anton, one of the call center industry's leading authorities, directs the center. This site offers a wide variety of excellent tools and helpful columns. Another useful site is http://www.benchmarkportal.com. This site offers on-line surveys and benchmarking information that may be helpful to you. Finally, I suggest you visit http://www.cintechsolutions.com in 3-4 weeks. Cintech Solutions is currently developing an online Return On Investment calculator that will be available at no cost. The tool will help call center and contact center managers estimate the costs of setting up an e-contact center and weigh them against the benefits gained by e-contact. Good luck!

For more information, check out searchCRM's Call Center/Customer Interaction Center Best Web Links.

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