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Basics of CRM strategy

CRM area is at an early stage of development in Ukraine, as well as in all of Western Europe. There is currently a big interest and even rather evident demand for similar solutions on the Ukrainian market. Our consulting company is one of the first to started dealing with the study and development of this field. We will appreciate it if you could help us with the following questions:

Are there any basics that we need to correctly develop and build a proper CRM Strategy (if we view this position as first step for CRM implementation and following steps are redefining roles&responsibilities, re-engineering work processes...)? I mean any possible templates (possible structure of document, plan of building strategy, etc.) We would like to learn from any samples CRM strategy (success stories, case studies, etc.) What e-sources can you recommend us to learn about these aspects?

Nice to hear from you, and good luck developing the Ukrainian CRM market!

My practice at AGENCY.COM has developed an accelerated process for development of eCRM Strategy. This three-phase process was successfully tested with a number of our clients:

1) Business Landscape Analysis: This phase in the strategy development process called for an in-depth review of the business and marketing environments that will accommodate the eCRM solutions. Specifically, during this phase the enterprise mission, business strategy, marketing strategy, and key performance indicators will be reviewed to promote close alignment of the eCRM initiatives with respective strategic business objectives. This phase also calls for a review of ongoing marketing and technology initiatives related to eCRM, and a review of the organizational design and technology architecture that will accommodate the eCRM solutions.

2) eCRM Vision and Solution Set Development: This phase of the strategy development process calls for defining an initial eCRM future-state vision based on the business landscape analysis above and based on a review of industry leading eCRM practices. This initial vision and strategy is best developed in a workshop environment, with all the key eCRM stakeholders actively participating. The next steps in this phase calls for conceptually developing an initial set of eCRM solutions, including customer acquisition, customer development, and customer loyalty solutions. An initial business case will be also developed for selected solutions. Finally, solutions that could be developed and deployed in the near-terms will be particularly emphasized.

3) eCRM Roadmap Development: The accelerated eCRM strategy development process finally calls for developing an implementation road map for selected solutions in the eCRM acquisition, development, and retention solution set. Each project, targeted for implementation will be supported by an initial business case demonstrating its potential value in the context of a strategic business issue. Typically, several projects will be initiated to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of customer acquisition, resulting in reduced customer acquisition cost. Other projects will be initiated to facilitate development of customers to their full profit potential, resulting in more profitable customers. Yet other projects will be initiated to improve customer loyalty, resulting in improved customer retention rate.

Please do visit us again with any additional questions...

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