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BPM and business intelligence

Does business performance management (BPM) impact a business intelligence project -- or is it just another buzzword? Read advice on BI and BPM from a business intelligence expert in this tip.

How does business performance management (BPM) impact a business intelligence project -- is it just another buzzword?
BPM is the latest buzzword manifestation of the business analytics craze. It is the modern take on key performance indicators (KPIs), business analytics, executive dashboarding and the like. With this modernization comes a plethora of new rules and possibilities for business analytics. Real- (or right-) time is a very real requirement for many business analytics today. Also, a fairly comprehensive set of potential analytic measures are interesting these days, as is comparison to peer companies. All of these BPM requirements have a huge data management component, but it's not like the nightly batch data warehouse architectures. There could be pre-data warehouse EAI, EII or BAM involved. So, as long as you take a broad view of what business intelligence is, BPM is very much a part of business intelligence. It could be the focus of an iteration, or many iterations, of the BI program.


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