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Automatic eLearning delivery during low call volume

Is there an effective way to deliver learning tools to call center agents automatically whenever there's a sufficient drop in call volume? Read Lori Bocklund's advice here.

I'm an "eLearning Specialist" who has recently taken a job at a call center.

The center wants me to set things up so that eLearning is delivered automatically (it "pops up") whenever there's a sufficient drop in call volume. I know that Knowlagent has this functionality, but I'm wondering if there isn't a simpler application that could handle the task, or whether I can code this myself. We're using Avaya (Lucent's) Call Management System. I'm usually very good with technology, can code and write script in a few languages, build computers from scratch, etc. But the system I'm working with is a black box to me so far. Do you have any insight -- what should I be looking for or what could I be doing?

I have not seen anyone build this functionality in-house. Typically, such applications would have some integration through either a computer telephony integration (CTI) link to the switch (Avaya in your case) to deliver training based on call activity as you describe, or some integration with the workforce management to deliver training at scheduled times. In spite of your technical know-how, I wouldn't recommend reinventing this wheel -- chances are your time is better spent on other things, and in the event that you move on, a bought rather than built solution can be managed and maintained after you leave.

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