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Are PeopleSoft CRM professionals as in demand as those certified in Siebel or SAP?

If you're certified in PeopleSoft CRM, you may be wondering about acquiring additional certifications. Read Bill Band's expert advice here.

What strategy do you suggest for PeopleSoft CRM professionals? I wonder if I should get certified in Siebel, or if I can be sure of a future working with PeopleSoft.
Oracle is showing renewed interest in supporting and promoting PeopleSoft CRM, though the release of PeopleSoft 9.0 last fall. This will sustain the demand for PeopleSoft CRM skills. However, Oracle is more committed to sustaining Siebel's leadership in the CRM market and this product has a much, much larger installed base than PeopleSoft. The launch of Siebel 8.0 will continue the momentum. I've heard that there is a skill shortage for Siebel professionals, as well as mySAP professionals -- the latter company has been gaining market share in the last 24 months. Overall, you may want to consider adding to your certification credentials.

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