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Are Oracle Fusion applications based on Siebel CRM?

Find out if Oracle Fusion applications are based on Siebel CRM. Get help deciding between Oracle Siebel CRM and PeopleSoft CRM in this expert tip.

Is Oracle Fusion based on Siebel or something else?

Someone told me recently that Oracle Fusion applications are based on Siebel's code base. Is this true? If so does it make Siebel a better long-term choice than PeopleSoft -- the latter now presumably being considered "end of line"?

The CRM functionality in Oracle Fusion applications is based primarily on Siebel. The current Oracle Siebel CRM product has the most "Fusion-like" elements currently incorporated into it. Oracle is investing aggressively in application integration packs (AIAs) to allow Oracle Siebel CRM to be more easily integrated with other Oracle applications.

PeopleSoft CRM buyers are almost always companies that are already using PeopleSoft with in their organizations (HR or ERP) and want CRM capabilities that natively integrate with their existing PeopleSoft infrastructure.

If your long term goal is to invest in a "best-of-breed" CRM solution, then Oracle Siebel CRM is the way to go. If you are PeopleSoft shop, then the PeopleSoft CRM product deserves a look, but it is not the product that Oracle will be investing in for its long-term play in the CRM space.

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