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Alternative data warehousing frameworks

The only work I know on data warehouse that provides a framework or a blueprint to build a decision support system environment is that proposed by Bill Inmon and called CIF (Corporate Information Factory). Do you know another approach that you can recommend me to evaluate?
Why do you need another approach? ;-)

Actually, Bill Inmon and Claudia Imhoff's Corporate Information Factory is the most well-known data warehouse methodology due to its prime mover advantage, its wide circulation in several releases of the book of the same name and its practical applicability to a wide variety of situations. Certainly, there are other methodologies available through consultancies, which you will learn the details of once you engage with them, for obvious reasons. Guidelines and highlights of methodologies, however, are published on a number of data warehouse consultancy web sites, mine included ( www.mcknight-associates.com).

An alternative, very popular, methodology is a "bottom up" approach popularized by Ralph Kimball ( www.rkimball.com). Pieter Mimno has a similar approach which he wrote up in the TDWI Flashpoint on August 28, 2002 if you can get that. Here's a summary:

SUMMARY: In my consulting practice, I recommend an incremental, "bottom-up" implementation methodology, similar to that advocated by Ralph Kimball. This has proven to be a successful deployment approach to ensure a short-term return on investment with minimal project risk, while still delivering a data warehousing architecture that provides a standardized, enterprise-wide view of information. This FlashPoint column describes a typical project plan based on a bottom-up implementation methodology.

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