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Agent utilization (occupancy) in a small call center

Agent utilization or occupancy is higher in a smaller call center, says expert Lori Bocklund. Find out why in this call center response.

Why is agent utilization lower in smaller call centers?

Agent utilization, often referred to as occupancy, is lower in smaller groups due to the randomness of call arrivals, and the nature of economies of scale. The smaller the group or queue, the less efficient it is. For the same target performance (generally measured in service level), people sit there idle more in a small group, waiting for that next call.

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We are a small center of 23 agents, however, we receive anywhere from 800-950 calls per day Mon - Fri. 

We have low occupancy levels but high efficiency. What is a general current standard of what to expect service level, and occupancy to be with a small center?