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Adding workforce management tools to ROI calculation

What's the best way to include workforce management tools in calculation for ROI? Read advice from ROI guru Tom Pisello here.

What's the best way to include workforce management tools in a ROI calculation? These were added about two years after we purchased our original CRM system.
Workforce management tools are used to keep sales and customer call center resources happy. I am familiar with two separate areas where this is most often used:

1. Salesforce incentive management – assuring that sales and business goals are aligned and that sales staff are properly motivated to deliver the right results and avoid compensation issues and disputes.

2. Call center staff optimization – assuring that resources are properly managed and scheduled to deliver superior customer service, provide incentive, track progress and increase retention.

To assess the value of call center staff optimization I recommend that you use Alinean's free Customer Contact Center ROI model (part of a large library of available ROI models).

For salesforce automation (SFA) and incentive management, we recommend using the Salesforce Automation ROI template in the same library.

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