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A best practice scenario

In your opinion, which companies have implemented a successful eCRM solution? Could you recommend some Web sites, and give some informations regarding why it has become so popular? What should a "Best Practice Scenario" contain?
You might be interested in this press release from the Aberdeen Group regarding successful CRM implementations http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/010411/2146.html.

A "Practice Scenario" might contain different components - depending upon the situation under evaluation. In general, you would hope to have a Web-based customer self-service channel, a Call Center channel, a Field Service and Outside Sales Channel, and Marketing Automation function all tied together in a very tight manner. Additionally, you should look for clean, well-defined business procedures within Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service so that clients, prospects and partners are well cared for. Lastly, all channels should provide feedback data for analysis and reporting via an integrated Reporting/OLAP tool. Good Luck.

Check out searchCRM's eCRM Best Web Links.

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