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A Central DSS Report Development Center

What are some of the positive and negative aspects of creating a Central DSS Report Development center? Are you aware of any of your clients that have done so and would be willing to share what they learned?

As an industry, we've done a terrible job at putting out common definitions for DW architectures and components so I hope I address what you mean with your terminology.

A Central DSS Report Development center sounds like a centralized data warehouse where most corporate reports are run from, something that many have created. This would be in opposition to another popular architecture, one that is also popular, but sometimes not planned -- independent data marts. Most folks are somewhere in the middle and some are providing bridges between the marts and the warehouse(s) via a "federated" approach.

Based on some of my client experiences with this architecture, I would count the major benefits of the centralized approach as having to do with efficiencies and economies -- less operational impact, lowered overall staff requirements and tool standards leading to a lowered overall cost to serve. Data standards -- wide use of accepted data representations -- provide the greatest benefit. You can see my DM Review article at http://www.dmreview.com/master.cfm?NavID=198&EdID=2162 and my recent article for Teradata magazine at http://www.teradatamagazine.com/articles/2Q_2002/enterprise/default.htm for more on this topic.

For more information, check out SearchCRM's Best Web Links on Data Warehousing.

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