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Call center vs. contact center: What's the difference?

Call centers and contact centers provide customer service in different ways. Decision-makers should understand which option best fits their organization's needs to optimize CX.


Customer data platform market heats up again

As companies plan for the post-pandemic reality, customer data platforms are expected to be a bigger part of marketing workflows and other emerging use cases.


Instacart, McDonald's, Target share digital marketing strategies

Customer experience leaders discuss strategies to accommodate customers who want contactless shopping, those who want in-person sales, and everything in between.


IBM ports weather data to AWS Data Exchange feed

Marketers can now tap IBM's Weather Company data feed at the AWS Data Exchange. The question is, will they know how to use it proactively to execute timely campaigns?

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Customer Experience Basics

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    buzz marketing

    Buzz marketing is a viral marketing technique focused on maximizing the word-of-mouth potential of a campaign or product.

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    10 sample customer service email templates

    Email remains an important channel for companies to communicate with customers. Here are some email templates for customer service teams to use in common scenarios.

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    Top customer service certifications and courses

    Here are some customer services courses to help frontline employees provide customers with a better experience.

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