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Google debuts Topics, its latest third-party cookie replacement

Topics, a replacement for browser tracking cookies, is Google's latest idea to preserve browser privacy while preserving the value of its digital ad platform.


Adobe, Salesforce release tools to enhance retail experience

Adobe to open beta program for store-pickup features developed in partnership with Walmart; Salesforce debuts Datorama features for retailers.


The future of field service management and trends for 2022

Contactless, cashless and self-service abilities mark the new standards for field service. The future of field service brings flexibility and convenience for workers and customers.


Genesys CEO on the future of contact center tech

In this interview with Genesys CEO Tony Bates, we discuss the intersection of empathy and technology, as well as the future of video in the contact center tech stack.

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Customer Experience Basics

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    buzz marketing

    Buzz marketing is a viral marketing technique focused on maximizing the word-of-mouth potential of a campaign or product.

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    10 sample customer service email templates

    Email remains an important channel for companies to communicate with customers. Here are some email templates for customer service teams to use in common scenarios.

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    Top customer service certifications and courses

    Here are some customer services courses to help frontline employees provide customers with a better experience.

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