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What's the difference between CRM and database marketing?

Database marketing is a component of customer relationship management. CRM includes all processes, strategies and tools to support sales, marketing and customer service initiatives.


Customer success vs. customer support: What's the difference?

Customer success and customer support are important terms for businesses to be familiar with if they want to provide great CX. They sound similar but are different.


Salesforce e-commerce capabilities to expand with Mobify

Salesforce beefs up its headless e-commerce platform capabilities for enterprise retail customers with the acquisition of Mobify, a Canadian headless commerce hosting vendor.


Evaluate call center outsourcing costs and benefits

Outsourcing call center operations can take some financial burden off businesses -- depending on what partner they choose. But there can also be some drawbacks.

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    The importance of personalized experience in CX

    Musa Hanhan breaks down the three stages of customer experience and explains why personalized experiences offer companies the best chance at customer retention.

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    contact center as a service (CCaS)

    Contact center as a service (CCaaS) is a framework for contact center infrastructure management that combines the principles of contact center hosting and cloud-based contact center infrastructure.

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    How do revenue operations and sales operations differ?

    While revenue operations focus on revenue growth and integration of sales, marketing and service departments, sales operations keeps its focus on sales department efficiency.

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